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Reality Check 

As a Civil Engineer trained to plan safe equitable communities for all people, I was shocked by all of the barriers blocking POC from access to food, clothing & home ownership. Governments rule under a social contract that promises a “fair deal” for all citizens. Equity has yet to include POC. Racist identification of POC as “other” has white people telling me “They want to be homeless.” The reality is that like me, life circumstances & inconsistent income causes homelessness that traumatizes people who don’t have the skills or resources to recover from. Because I know better, I feel compelled to do better for myself, my daughter & her generation.

Sufficity Self-Sufficient recycling communities, not only design & build affordable kit homes, we use wasted materials to reduce pollution & the waste of human ability. Profiteering causes inflated home cost with the commodification of housing & the exploitation of POC. Sufficity repairs this inhumanity by build communities of purpose.

Systemic racism normalizes homelessness & the poverty of black people worldwide. POC (People Of Color) are paid less, last hired & 1st fired, disenfranchised, discriminated against without pay equity, disproportionately incarcerated & then unemployable upon released from unjust sentencing & plea bargaining which continues the cycle of poverty. Inflated housing & gentrification make housing insecurity for POC as normal as pollution. Selfish, greedy land horders exploit poor POC charged high rents while paid less than market rates to increase personal profit. Politicians support the rich because they can’t be elected without huge donations that the poor can’t make. People realize this & are demanding changes. I post supporting evidence videos on Tictok, Facebook & IG as MichelleSujai.

Sufficity Cities are urban adjacent "Green" land trusts communities that make kit homes from recyclable materials that are sustainable products for sale. Land-trusts provide safe communities that can’t be taken from residents. Recycling contracts as well as municipal funds earmarked to manage homeless populations can be part of the startup growth & development budget. Household water irrigates roof gardens & streets lined with fruit trees, contributing to self sufficiency with solar, wind, geothermal & other methods supplying community power. We work with homeless groups evaluating needs, desires & capabilities to facilitate planning within realistic parameters. Sufficity is city planning for people, with people & building communities by people.

As a woman currently suffering from housing insecurity, I’m involved in the home ownership movement. I bought 3 houses in 13 month then, 2 car accidents & becoming disabled at 32 yrs old caused me to lose everything. I thought I’d buy homes again but systemic racism blocked me. So I’ve been a community organizer: starting & running 7 self-help groups for traumatized women; as PTA President & Boys & Girls Club Parent Coordinator, &; creating the Marcus Garvey Self-Sufficiency Center plan that is still on Facebook. In LA, I joined & I'm shown bringing grapefruit on BET's "Saving Ourselves: A BET COVID-19 Relief Effort" special. Sufficity recently met members of the dedicated to de-commodifying real estate by acquiring properties held by the land trust in perpetuity for the common good. Members of both of these groups are qualified & have the will necessary to make Sufficity a success.
Sufficity work plans include member strategies from all of the above, especially these allied charitable organizations.

Location Based Prototyping

Sufficity utilizes existing technology germane to failing infrastructures & wasted materials to facilitate creation of our New Normal, in the world of Climate Change while Co-Existing with Covid & other consequences of polluting paradise.

Build Kit Homes Utilizing Wasted Materials.

There are many ways to utilize a wider variety of recyclable material to repurpose pollutants to remake the world in a more sustainable manner. Sufficity communities will call upon the inginuity of the homeless to help produce even greater advancements in recycling.

Design Services

Location based design is the only way to assure an ecofriendly, sustainable, self-sufficient lifestyle. Sufficity will work with local companies to design processes that repurpose waste in a manner beneficial to the community at large.

Post Processing

Once initial design is complete, trial implementation is accomplished to allow trouble shooting & design optimization before full scale production. Community feedback, suggestions, & insights will be sought for incorporation into the ever evolving designs as Sufficities must grow & evolve as communities grow & evolve.

"We all have our time machines, don't we. Those that take us back are memories... those that carry us forward are dreams."

HG Wells

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