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The Guide to Sufficity Felicity  by Our Experts

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Paradise Exercise ! Are You Ready?

1. Would paradise be paradise is you lived there? Yes No ?

2. What would you have to do to be ready for paradise?

3. Are you willing to do that? Yes No ?

4. What does paradise look like to you?

5. If you had 2 jobs:

• A fun job or your passion;

• A job to support the city, to keep the lights on, water running & streets safe, what would you like to do?

7. What was your best job?

8. What did you love about it?

10. What made working miserable for you?

11. What would make you happy now?

12. Would you like to help create a modern paradise? Yes No ?

13. Are you willing to do the work? Yes No ?

Did I make you think? Have you ever asked yourself any of these questions?

To me Paradise is a place with happy people living in harmony, no stress, no mess.

Paradise life would make me happy because happy people aren't jealous. They spend their time & energy on doing the work to enjoying life instead of wishing they had something they haven't worked for.

If this Paradise Preparation exercise awakened a desire to live a Paradise Life Style, then follow my blog & comment. Let me know if you think you are ready to help rebuild Paradise.

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