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Sufficity (Self-Sufficient Cities) build kit homes adjacent to existing urban areas supplying recyclable materials to create upgraded communities.  USA Today 8/4/2023 stated -“Technology is replacing…, humans… Where companies used to need five people..., now only one person is needed.” With fewer jobs, homelessness will rise.  So now is the time for Sufficity to produce jobs that reduce pollution while creating affordable, housing security & less stressful living in healthier cooperative communities.  As a Civil Engineer, Founder, Michelle Harvey, envisioned recreating a safer, cleaner & happier world by utilizing wasted materials in an eco-friendly economically sustainable way. She saw how proper planning by Native (Indigenous) Americans not only didn't pollute the planet, Indigenous People lived in harmony with nature. Proper Planning Prevents Poor Performance. Poor planning is a source of many predicted consequences of climate change. The same tools used to predict these disasters can be utilized to implement plans to prevent disaster.

Sufficity will designs, build & sell kit homes (similar to Lego Homes, Yurts and Geodesic Domes) using recyclable materials as we train the homeless to create eco-friendly communities near urban areas without the restrictions of government bureaucracies. We train the homeless to produce & sell affordable housing & other useful products in self-sufficient, holistic waste reduction communities while providing Green jobs.  Current wood & saw dust Lego homes have a fatal flaw. Insects & rodents love to nest in sawdust. Recycled plastic doesn't have that problem. Kit homes utilizing Solar, Wind, Geothermal, Combination power generation will be energy efficient reducing the impact of inflation. Roof gardens watered using household water replenishes the water table as we reduce the negative impact of urbanization.


When COVID-19 removed people from their daily routines, people noticed how Mother Nature self-cleaned the environment. The world started returning to paradise. All we had to do was get out of the way. Did you notice, plants & animals were thriving as the way we do business fell apart? Was that Mother Nature’s plan? To force us to stop our unhealthy business practices so we would learn to take time for ourselves, notice real life priorities, make sustainable changes & restore paradise?

Who has the time & motivation to make these changes? POC who are homeless. They have nothing to lose so it's possible to risk it all. I 1st created a planned community design for the 2002 Marcus Garvey Self-Sufficiency Center. It's still on Facebook. Suffcity is in line with the Garvey philosophy of black people solving our own problems so Sufficity provides jobs & homes wile reducing polution as we show the world once again, yes we can if provided the opportunity.  Why was I unable to impliment? Team members were concerned about how government restrictions might effect the plan. Then the 2004 & 2005 hurricane seasons caused members to move north to safer high ground. But I also think they didn't want to risk what they had to focus on building something new while dependent on the old & out dated. I have found existing homeless organizations are motived, know how to repurpose the old & many of them have the skills to help build homes & communities.

Sufficity exemplifies the dynamic tension of 2023 as a call for action in the spirit of Mary McCloud Bethune, Katherine Dunham & Buckmister Fuller.  Buckminster Fuller's design philosophy was "doing more with less"; a maxim with no smaller aim than improving the standard of living for all humanity.

Katherine Dunham felt the spirit & the ryhthm of the moment & moved to it.

Mary McCloud Bethune saw what must be done & she did the darn thing.


Sphere on Spiral Stairs

A New Dimension
In Living

Fulfilling the Vision of Self-Sufficient
City Life with Purpose!

Sufficity has the same vibe as felicity, the intense happiness that the founder plans to bring to life long & multi-gernerational residents living their purpose. Watching her father, Carroll Harvey, Washington DC City Planner, help create "Pride Incorporated", the 1st Urban Jobs Program for teens & unemployed black men, she saw that jobs with purpose not only help financially. Purpose elevated humanity mentally, physically, spiritully & emotionally. She knows felicity doesn't last forever but a safe & secure home with guarenteed food, clothing & shelter removes a lot of the stress that blocks joy. 

Sufficity Cities design & build kit homes on self-sufficient Land Trusts utilizing recyclable materials to employ residents in profitable, waste reduction jobs, raising black community value & expectations. The world demands the financial & environmental burdens of pollution & homelessness be mitigated. Governments address these issues separately. Sufficity combines solutions to efficiently & effectively utilize 2 wasted resources, producing systemic changes in POC home ownership. This creates jobs with purpose during this crisis & helps repair racist housing practices causing homelessness. Sufficity is a form of Reparations designed by POC for People of Color.

Creation stories from many cultures say people were created to cultivate the land to make it thrive in harmony with nature like aboriginal cultures did. It was only when crowded cities became the goal that people fell out of harmony with nature & forgot this purpose. We are capable of making the world a better place. More & more people are realizing this. More & more people feel out of harmony working jobs that support chaos. So some are quitting jobs that conflict with healthy thriving & are searching for less stressful lifestyles. Sufficity can be a less stressful way of living in harmony with our true nature.  


Dr. Mary McLeod Bethune said: “We must remake the world.”

She got this divine message 100 years ago. Many have created small pockets of natural, self-sufficient living throughout the world. We can too! So like Dr Bethune we will do the darn thing too.


The CDC says COVID is always going to be a part of our lives. That means life as we knew it is over. When one thing comes to an end something new must take its place or the old way must be updated. Sufficity was born to seize this opportunity to create & implement plans to remake paradise since change is coming. If things must change, Paradise gets my vote.

What We Offer

Modern Paradise

A Divine Plan


Sufficity's Founder is a Civil Engineer who born with visions of how to build paradise anew. Here she shares this divinely inspired plan:

•    Obtain Land to build self-sufficient communities with a minimal carbon footprint.

•    Interview & evaluate women & men as worker residents, including the homeless.

•    Train them to be self-sufficient. The homeless are the easiest population for this. They have nothing to lose & everything to gain.

•    Obtain recycling contracts.

•    Create durable products like kit homes made from recyclable materials for use & sale.

•    Produce & distribute products contributing to a sustainable society.

*    Partner with companies who have created many of the componet parts necessary for the creation of Sufficity Cities to efficiently start up quickly with those of similar goals who are getting the work done.

*    Consolidate marketing plans so we work together to support the most effective growth & emplimentation strategies.

There are many more steps to self-sufficiency, but this is a start. Aboriginal people have always & continue to live self-sufficiently. It’s time for modern man to reach back & fetch the wisdom of old, so society can move forward in harmony.

As of October 15th, 2023 there are 32 wars on earth. But many men are refusing to fight in these wars because they feel these wars are unjust. But ALL war is unjust. Both side must learn to find mutually beneficial before taking action or they must not take action. If actions cause fighting then those actions are wrong but more fighing is not the answer. Cease action if wise & harmonious progression can not be found, because progression must be wise & harmonious or it is not progress.


Training POC to build homes using recyclable materials currently wasted is this Civil Engineer's dream. Michelle Harvey watched her father plan a safer, cleaner & happier world making the most of the inginuity of unemployed urban youth & black men with no skills at Pride Inc. Then, when he worked as the city planner who taught most of the 1st Black mayors how to run a city, she realized, politicians have no idea how many departments make a city run. And they really have no idea how to run the departments. Despite this, people take public office & succeed. She marveled at political accomplishments while noting challenges & pitfalls. She has worked on solutions to the issue that allow chaos to reign. This planet is paradise hidden under the stress of the bad behavior that caused people be kicked out of paradise & lose sight of all that mother earth provides for us. Mother Nature cleaned herself when people got out of the way at the beginning of the Pandemic. Once the unhealthy way people work was shut down, not only did plants & animals thrive, we did too. If we stop our unhealthy business practices, can we reclaim paradise? Or will we continue to create the conditions for disease that are killing the world? One way or another, our world will not support chaos any longer.

Will You Help Restore Paradise?


Paradise Exercise ! Are You Ready?


1. Would paradise be paradise is you lived there? Yes or No ?

2. What would you have to do to be ready for paradise?

3. Are you willing to do that? Yes or No ?

4. What does paradise look like to you?

5. If you had 2 jobs:

    • A fun job or your passion; &

    • A job to support the city, to keep the lights on, water running & streets safe, what are your 2 jobs?

7. What has been your best job?

8. What did you love about it?

10. What made working miserable for you?

11. What would make you happy now?

12. Would you like to help create a modern paradise? Yes or No ?

13. Are you willing to do the work? Yes or No ?

Did this make you think? Have you ever asked yourself any of these questions?

Sufficity's Paradise is a place with happy people living in harmony; no stress, no mess.

Paradise life would make us happy because happy people aren't jealous. People could spend time & energy doing the work to enjoy life instead of wishing for something we haven't worked to create.

If this Paradise Preparation exercise brought up questions for you or awakened a desire to live a Paradise Lifestyle, then let us know. Do you think you are ready to help rebuild Paradise?

We Repurpose Wasted Materials to Fulfill Community Needs.

The Possibilities Are Endless

These images are from 3D Printing & other recycling concepts. We plan to create kit homes & more. As such we will use experienced companies for production.

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